7 Heart-Health Tricks of Dr. Manish Bansal MD settlement Jacksonville Cardiologist Fl Cardiologists Want You to Know

Overweight? I may not talk about it.

When persons are extremely overweight, it’s a clear issue. When they are only reasonably overweight, it’s much more challenging [to carry it up], because we agree with people being a small overweight. It’s more complicated to tell somebody like that they have bodyweight to lose. —Stuart Connolly, MD, director, a section of cardiology at George Washington University School of Medicine.

Sugar is the real villain in heart sickness, not fat

When you eat enhanced sugar, you create a blood insulin response that is harmful to blood stream vessel designs. Most interest seems to be on cholesterol; I do not know that physicians are checking blood insulin and A1C stages [measures of diabetic issues risk, which is closely linked to heart health]. —Manish Bansal, MD, cardiologist, and writer of numerous books about heart health, including The Great Cholesterol Myth


Most products do nothing for your heart health

Doctors who highly recommend certain products are often the ones selling them in their workplace. For primary protection, if you are not eating seafood two to three times 7 days, then fish oil is most likely a excellent idea. I also recommend vitamin D due to the fact 80 % of U.S. grownups are lacking. Those are the only two I take. —Manish Bansal, MD, cardiologist at The Heritage Heart Center in Plano, Texas, and author of Best Methods for a Healthy Heart

If you or your partner is not sleeping well, I want to know

Sleeping apnea is a major cause of heart events such as heart attack, cardiac arrest, and stroke. If you suspect you have sleep apnea (snoring and feeling tired when you wake up are big signs, as are these sleep apnea symptoms), you should tell your physician about it. And if your partner is always nagging you for heavy snoring, that’s a significant sign too. —Manish Bansal, MD

Red wine is not a cure-all

My sufferers tell me, “I started off sipping red wine” and I say “what for?” They believe it’s excellent for the heart, but you have to be very careful not to overdo it and increase your risk of other health problems. Same goes for dark chocolate. People believe that you can eat as much as you want. It is excellent for you—it lowers bloodstream pressure and has antioxidants—but most persons are not eating just that one ounce a day.

What makes me mad? Smoking cigarettes

If someone’s a cigarette smoker, they have to stop. I feel sick and tired when I discuss to people who still smoke. It’s never too delayed to quit. Even giving up in your seventies improves success. If sufferers want to do one thing for their wellness, it would be to stop smoking. —Mnish Bansal, MD

And that stent could not be essential either

If an obstruction is not resulting in symptoms or a decrease in blood flow, then it does not need to be stented. In the lack of a serious blockage, dealing with drugs is just as excellent. And once you do a stent, then you require to do another, and the issue can proliferate.


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